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What Tattoo Should I Get? | Tips And Advice You Should Know About

Whether it’s your first tattoo or twenty-fifth, your next piece of ink should reflect who you are. Not who you used to be — who you are now! 

The art of tattooing has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and it’s more popular than ever today. 

Committing to one thing can be very difficult to make a list of your favourite things, gather inspiration, keep an open mind and always think ahead.

Here are some tips to help you pick your first or next tattoo.

What Tattoo Should I Get? - Pick A Spot

Where on your body do you want your next tattoo? For some people that is the first thing that people think of. There is nothing that says certain tattoos need to be in certain places.

Where you’re interested in getting your art could make all the difference, as some designs will look better in certain places. For example, a tattoo on your ankle would normally be small and often at times contain writing, symbols or mantras.

Arm or leg tattoos usually incorporate curved lines or are more vertical in shape, while chest and body tattoos can be more horizontal and bold in shape. Large tattoos are perfect for your back and small tattoos can be best suited for fingers or feet.

A major thing to consider for placement is how the image could be distorted when you move the part of the body that it’s on.

This decision might often hinge on your day-to-day life but of course, where ever you choose to place your tattoo comes down to your personal preference.

What Tattoo Should I Get? - Choose A Design

When it comes to the design of the tattoo you need to think about what exactly you want to place on your chosen body part. This could be something more serious, serve as a memory or simply be something that you personally like the look of.

Asking your tattoo artist or family and friends for their advice can also help shed some light on the situation.

Tattoo magazines are also a great source of visual inspiration. Additionally, keeping a notebook filled with all of the design ideas that have caught your eye is a great idea as then, when the time comes, you’ll have plenty of ideas and musings ready to work with.

For example, try looking on social media like Instagram or Pinterest to get some inspiring new ideas.

What Tattoo Should I Get? - Select A Style

When it comes to the style of your design, there are so many to choose from. There are old school, traditional, neo-traditional, trash polka, Japanese, botanical, minimalist and so much more.

Most designs can be interpreted into specific styles. For example, most Japanese tattoos incorporate koi fish, flowers, water or even mantras and quotes. While minimalist tattoos could be simple linear shapes or cartoons.

When conducting your research keep an eye out for any of these recurring themes.

What Tattoo Should I Get? - Find Your Artist

If you just can’t seem to decide on the perfect design, no worries. Take the time to find an artist on Instagram or someone in your local area who will work with you to create a tattoo that suits you.

Once you’ve revealed a few personal details, most tattoo artists can help you brainstorm a few designs based on what you tell them and can suggest some options that fit your desired placement and size.

No matter how good the artist’s suggestion is, make sure it really fits you before committing.

Always research when it comes to finding a tattoo artist. Check their portfolio to see if they do similar styles to the one you are after and make sure you are happy with their look.

Ultimately, gradually and thoughtfully are the best ways to proceed with your body art. Once you have a plan for your tattoo in a style you like, you can then scope out inspiration for design ideas that will have more significance and meaning later.

The points above don’t have to work in a specific step-by-step guide. In fact, you could choose your design first and choose your spot later. At the end of the day the tattoo you decide to get should make you happy – after all, it’s going to be permanent.


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