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Tattoo Ideas For Women 2021 | Design And Style Ideas To Help You Decide

Tattoo ideas for women 2021. Tattoos and the entire industry started a long time ago where most men would take the opportunity to have one embedded in their bodies. Most people think of women with tattoos as a fairly modern phenomenon. But there is actually a rich and fascinating history of women and tattoos. 

From the ritualistic tattoos of the Tahitian islands and ancient Egypt to the tattoo “tea parties” of Victorian high society, tattoos have been a colourful part of female history around the world for many years.

Today, there are more and more women who choose to wear tattoos. Tattoos can make our bodies look more appealing or compliment specific areas.

How Did Women Use Tattoos In The Past? 

Other women tend to use tattoos to take back their bodies by covering up signs of breast cancer. Many of these women have chosen to cover their mastectomy scars with feminine works of art. These are done in the form of elaborate tattoos, instead of having breast implants. 

These women also state that their tattoos lend them a sense of power and control.

From spiritual rituals to keeping up with the status quo, and even as a way to exert control over a world where they feel trapped, women everywhere have chosen to embrace tattoos for centuries.

Women are changing the way we see tattoos as being less masculine and more gender-neutral.

Although the art form, process, and presentation have changed, it seems as if the love affair between women and tattoos is one that is meant to last.

The most common placement for tattoos on women seems to be found in more delicate areas like the fingers, forearms, around the ribcage, the wrist, back and neck. Although getting a tattoo is all down to personal preference. 

Here are some design ideas and styles that could potentially give you some inspiration for your first or next tattoo:

Tattoo Ideas For Women 2021: Tattoos For The Back 

The back is one of the most modest areas you can add a tattoo. Back tattoos for women is now my new favourite place. The reasons the back is one of the best areas are because it’s covered if you want to be discreet about it and the fact that it looks sensual.

Tattoos For The Ribs 


Rib tattoos for women are an excellent choice for people who love Beautiful ink designs and do not shy away from showing them to the world. 

Though rib tattoos for girls might sound like a recent fashion trend, the truth is that it has existed for as long as there have been human cultures on the earth. 

Just like nowadays, tattoos have long been practised by various human societies all over the world.

Tattoo Ideas For Women 2021: Tattoos For The Fingers And Feet


The foot or hand provides a fantastic placement for tattoos. This is because it has enough space to allow for a detailed piece. But small and dainty designs look just as good here. 

It is easy to cover up or show off, making it the perfect spot for any woman, regardless of whether she works in a conservative environment or not. 

There are many unique pieces to choose from that look fantastic here and can be meaningful or make a statement.

Tattoos For The Neck

Neck tattoos are a bold choice for anyone. Previously, neck tattoos were only for the bravest people, however, they are becoming more and more in fashion, for women. If you’re after a statement tattoo, then the neck tattoo will do just that. 

Tattoo Ideas For Women 2021: Tattoos For The Wrist And Arms

It seems that the demand for wrist tattoos, especially amongst women is rising by the day. 

Getting a tattoo on the wrists are considered the coolest body part as they generally have less fat and are a sensitive part of the body. 

When you have them done, the wrist and forearm are also the most commonplace for a tattoo.


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