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Dec 30
Is It Safe To Get A Tattoo After You Get The Vaccine?

It’s clear that there is a huge monumental event taking place right before our eyes and if every little thing that happens affects our future in one way or the other, the same goes for this. Only this time, the change is bigger.  The coronavirus is now an exponential crisis that is going to change […]

Dec 30
Geometric Tattoos | Why Do Shapes And Patterns Leave Us Wanting More?

Is nature a mathemitican? Patterns and geometry are everywhere. It is the most profound possible form of art to portray. This is why we find it throughout all of history. Not only is it a good way to say something powerful or that means a lot to us due to it’s simplistic design. Geometric shapes […]

Dec 30
Glow-In-The-Dark Tattoos | Here Is What You Need To Know

Over the past few years, glow in the dark tattoos have become an increasingly popular design trend. However, they do fluctuate in waves where people become very interested in them, and then the interest dies away. While regular tattoos are made of ink from metals or other ingredients, glow in the dark tattoos are made […]

Dec 30
Rolf Buchholz | The Man With The Most Body Modifications In The World

Rolf Buchholz loves tattoos and piercings. They have been around for centuries. The Indian tribes of Indonesia and Polynesia, where the practice has been handed down from generation to generation have provided the best anthropological evidence of tattooing. It has even been found on Egyptian mummies dating back over 3000 years ago.  From the moment […]

Dec 30
Mythical Creature Tattoos | The History, Meaning And More

Who doesn’t love a good story, especially ones that involve unbelievable mythical creatures, creatures that you wouldn’t remotely think are real? But as history has proven there is a basis for which these creatures has been brought up.  Every country and region of the world has its own unique set of myths and folklore. These […]

Dec 03
Inner Lip Tattoos | Are Inner Lip Tattoos Really Worth It?

A bad word is probably what you will see on someones inner-lip. Perhaps no other inner tattoo is as easily hidden as this one. So what type of person gets inner-lip tattoos and why do they get? The lip is one of the most hidden locations on the body. According to the book Inked, tattooing […]

Nov 30
Inside A Tattoo Parlour | Meet The Artists Within The Industry

What is it like into a tattoo parlour? Follow me as I step into Full Sail Tattoos for more. His hand begins to coil around a motorised pen filled with jet-black ink. As the artist presses down gently onto a foot pedal to control the movement of the machine, the rhythmic sounds of the buzzzzzz, […]

Nov 30
Japanese Tattoos | History, Meanings And Symbolism

Japanese tattoos has a tradition that has been followed for quite a long time. With many non-Japanese adopting the Japanese tattoo culture. Japanese tattoos mean different things with some wearing them as a sign of protection from the charm and a symbol of devotion.  Each tattoo worn has its meaning and purpose. It is often […]

Nov 30
Tribal Tattoos | The Meaning Of Tribal Tattoos In A Nutshell

Tribal tattoos are a big part of our cultural history and heritage. They are even bigger part of popular culture than they have ever been.  Tattoos and tattooing are currently enjoying such immense popularity that it could be easy to perceive them as a colourful modern invention. But that’s a long way from the truth. […]

Nov 29
Tattoo Ideas For Women 2021 | Design And Style Ideas To Help You Decide

Tattoo ideas for women 2021. Tattoos and the entire industry started a long time ago where most men would take the opportunity to have one embedded in their bodies. Most people think of women with tattoos as a fairly modern phenomenon. But there is actually a rich and fascinating history of women and tattoos.  From […]