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Mythical Creature Tattoos | The History, Meaning And More

Who doesn’t love a good story, especially ones that involve unbelievable mythical creatures, creatures that you wouldn’t remotely think are real? But as history has proven there is a basis for which these creatures has been brought up. 

Every country and region of the world has its own unique set of myths and folklore. These stories often feature quite disturbing creatures and monsters. 

Even though we know we’ll never get to meet them in real life, there is something about these beings that makes us feel we can’t get enough of them.

Born out of ancient legends, these creatures remain a staple in today’s fantasy fiction. Mythical creatures originate from ancient mythologies, stories and folklore, and are often present in books, tv, film and games. 

Relating to myth and legend, mythical creatures often have metaphorical significance, supernatural abilities and unique characteristics.

They may be fictional, mythological creatures but for some people, they are much more than just imaginary beasts. Quite often, they become their personal tokens or good luck charms.

People will turn this idea into a tattoo to stay with them for life.

The History Of Mythical Creature Tattoos

The ancient Greeks were the great myth-makers of Europe. They even gave us the name by which we refer today to the amazing stories told about gods, heroes, men and animals.  

Around 400 BC the Athenian philosopher Plato coined the word mythologia in order to distinguish between accounts of divine actions and factual descriptions of events, supernatural or otherwise.

The strength of Greek mythology, like all active traditions, lay in its collective nature. Unlike a story composed by a particular author, a myth always stood on its own, with a plot, and a set of characters readily understood by those who listened to the storyteller or dramatist making use of it.

Mythical Creature Tattoos

Tattoos are ancient art. This mystique around Tattoos brings them as close to the myths of our ancestors as possible.  

That is why mythical creature tattoos are such great tattoo ideas. The subjects of myths are legendary, and they look great tattooed. 

Whether you are getting mythological heroes tattooed, or maybe something darker, a mythological monster like Medusa, when it comes to mythical creatures there is no shortage of great tattoo ideas.

These gods tell the story of the human condition, representing love, fear, bravery, and beauty. This makes for a great representation of any creative stamp.

Mythical creature tattoos may be rare or mean something more to you.

For example here are three of the most popular choices:


In the tattoo community, people choose dragons because of the power they represent. They are great and fearsome creatures, so they’re the perfect accessory for our skin.


The mystery and attraction towards this half-human are ideal for a tattoo design, using them as a representation of esthetics and danger in one creature.


This creature is particularly popular among tattoo fans. This is because the phoenix serves as a reminder that we can always start over. 

It can also represent that we can always redo our lives and feel like we are born again.


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