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Inner Lip Tattoos | Are Inner Lip Tattoos Really Worth It?

A bad word is probably what you will see on someones inner-lip. Perhaps no other inner tattoo is as easily hidden as this one. So what type of person gets inner-lip tattoos and why do they get?

The lip is one of the most hidden locations on the body. According to the book Inked, tattooing the inner-lip originated in Western culture. These tattoos are usually jokes or expletives. However, other oral tattoos have a longer history as people in Hawaii and India have been tattooing their tongues for centuries.

Even today these tattoos are part of the cultural zeitgeist. Lip tattoos are done on either the inside or outside of your lips. Permanent makeup may also be tattooed on your lips.  

The process of getting a inner lip tattoo is not as easy as it looks. This is because the inner lip is considered to be a mucus membrane. The mucous membrane is represented by a large area in the sensory cortex, and is therefore highly sensitive.

Why Are Inner Lip Tattoos Difficult To Get?

Mucus is released into the stencil, when an artist tattoos the inner lip. Not only does the artist have to deal with constant saliva but due to the soft tissue, blood will more or likely seep through. 

Getting a inner lip tattoo will not behave like any other place you would tattoo. A lip tattoo can be trickier and more painful than tattoos on other parts of your body. 

But when done by a reputable artist and allowed to heal properly, a lip tattoo can be an effective artistic expression.

Most tattoos have a story. Your artist can create a touching tribute to a loved one or illustrate an inside joke you have with your friends. What’s important is that you walk away from your session happy with the art that’s permanently etched into your skin. 

And whether it’s your first or fifth time, this feeling is never a guarantee when you’re considering a new tattoo.

What Type Of Inner Lip Tattoos Can You Get?

Most people who get inner lip tattoos also consider getting tattoos on their lips themselves. According to Glamour Magazine, cosmetic tattooing has quickly become the norm, with more and more women adding microblade eyebrows, tattoo eyeliner and even permanent under-eye concealer to their beauty menu.

And while the idea of permanent and semi-permanent makeup may still be scary to some, the reality is that cosmetic tattooing is now so intricate and precise, the results can range from subtle and natural to life-changing.

Despite being such a small and delicate area, professional inking can help to add definition, enhance colour and create symmetry. Besides being discrete, getting a design on the inside of your lip is also appealing because it’s temporary. They don’t last nearly as long as ink on other areas of your skin. 

That said, getting an inner lip tattoo can be slightly risky, which is why it’s a good idea to pause just long enough to weigh the pros and cons.

Here are some design ideas to help you decide whether or not inner lip tattoos are worth it:


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