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Geometric Tattoos | Why Do Shapes And Patterns Leave Us Wanting More?

Is nature a mathemitican? Patterns and geometry are everywhere. It is the most profound possible form of art to portray. This is why we find it throughout all of history.

Not only is it a good way to say something powerful or that means a lot to us due to it’s simplistic design. Geometric shapes are the basic architecture of all living organisms. 

They are so strong as a stand alone category in the tattoo world because even just one dot or square could be the building blocks needed to create the entire large picture overall.

Whats interesting about geometry is that you can find it anywhere. From the ratio of your hand to the proportions of each digit on your finger – its a very universal style.

It can be found and designed to suit any type of culture or religion. In ancient times they definitely used a lot of geometry to tell stories. 

By using universal shapes that depicted images, people from all over the world could look at a design and know exactly what it was trying to pertain.

In Ancient Greece there were even paintings of geometric patterns on vases and portraits. Not only are they great to look at but they have cool meanings. For people who choose geometry tattoos they are usually doing it because of some symbolic significance. It’s not just about the look, though that tattoos are great to look at, but more for the meaning behind it.

Some of the most common shapes found in geometry tattooing today are the platonic solids like a cube for example.

Often at times these 3D shapes link back to the five elements such as water, wind, fire and air. Other examples include the flower of life, which is the most popular pattern to date. 

To create a really prominent geometric tattoo, the artist needs to have excellent line work, a steady hand and have incredible attention to detail. Just one mistake in a line could potentially ruin a art piece.

Artists could even go for using a multitude of line lengths, creating bold and thin lines around a pattern.

Geometric art has been growing bigger and bigger over the years due to the amount of advanced artistic technique and machinary. 

Geometric tattoos are loved by many because they create a sense of balance, symmetry, and even mystery. 

Almost all designs can have a geometric element incorporated into them, making your chosen piece more interesting.

Each option is rich in symbolism, allowing you to find something meaningful. 

In terms of placement, it really depends on the chosen image, and you can get a large and detailed inkling on your thigh or forearm or opt for a minimalist tat on your wrist. 

Here are some great examples of geometric tattoos to get you inspired:


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