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Finger Tattoos | How Long Does One Of The Most Popular Tattoos Last For?

Finger tattoos have become very popular recently, and it’s easy to see why. When we hold our partner’s hands our fingers and hands create a link, a connection to someone.

From strengthening emotional bonds to making you feel secure, holding your lover’s hands is surely a sweet gesture. It gives us access to many emotions. This intimate act of affection not only reduces our stress levels but can ease our pain and grow our bonds. It creates different emotions through touch. 

This form of non-verbal communication is powerful. It makes us feel secure and most of all loved. 

Although very personal, the most popular types of content seem to be minimalist and often matching. These images can suit any style. From bold and statement-making to tiny and delicate, there’s a finger tattoo out there to suit everyone.

If you are considering getting something small or delicate, perhaps hidden and personal, getting a finger tattoo could be the one. 

However, be warned, due to the placement of the tattoo, they can sometimes fade. Normally, according to SavedTattoo a finger tattoo will start to fade 6 to 8 months after healing. It will lose colour after a year.

Of course, there’s no way to predict how each individual skin or ink or inking will hold. It is certainly true that a tattoo on your hand will fade faster than a tattoo on any other part of your body.

According to Tatring, due to the fact that we wash, expose, and work with our hands a lot, all of these variations cause a difference in how the ink sets in, so fading will happen quickly and irregularly.

As soon as your finger tattoo is complete, your artist needs to inform you of any specific aftercare you may need to be aware of. It’s really important to follow this advice carefully, to help promote quick and healthy healing.

For example, they may advise anyone thinking of getting a finger tattoo that the tattoo needs to be properly moisturised almost every day. This ensures that the skin doesn’t dry up and shed there too fast.

If you were painting a canvas that had a bunch of big, moving crinkles, it’d be hard to effectively get paint in them. And that’s only the half of what makes finger tattoos so different. 

Compared to the rest of our bodies, hands get a lot more daily wear and tear. This is because we our hands so much. They’re always exposed to the elements. 

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Below is a brief overview of what to expect as told by Chronic Ink Tattoo:

  • Keep the Tattoo covered for at least eight hours
  • Wash with hot, soapy water
  • Leave the tattoo alone for a day
  • On day two, start using a fragrance-free moisturizer
  • No soaking it or exposing to direct sun for two weeks
  • Don’t pick at it when it peels! We know it’s tempting, but the skin needs to peel naturally
  • Most importantly, keep your hands clean


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