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Couple Tattoos | Popular Inked Ideas That Will Link You Two For Life 2021

There was a time when couples exchanged rings, lockets or sentimental gifts to one another.

Today they are replaced by something more permanent-tattoos.

They are valuable because they give couples all the qualities and symbols that are personal to the individual lovers, allowing anyone to create an inked language.

With so many options and variations to choose from, here are some of the most popular inked ideas that could be your next couple tattoo.


From strengthening emotional bonds to making you feel secure, holding your lover’s hands is surely a sweet gesture and gives us access to many emotions. This intimate act of affection not only reduces our stress levels but can ease our pain and grow our bonds, by creating different emotions through touch. 


This form of non-verbal communication is so powerful that it is proven to improve our empathy and trust. It makes us feel secure and most of all loved. 


Finger tattoos have become very popular recently, and it’s easy to see why. When we hold our partner’s hands our fingers and hands create a link, a connection to someone.


Although very personal, the most popular types of content seem to be minimalist and often matching. While smaller than most tattoos, these images are no less meaningful and can be adapted to suit any style. From bold and statement-making to tiny and delicate, there’s a finger tattoo out there to suit everyone.


Couples who share an intimate bond together may consider getting a finger tattoo for simplicity. Sometimes less is more when it comes to representing a tight-knit bond with your partner.


So, if you are considering getting something small or delicate, perhaps hidden and personal, couple tattoos for your fingers could work for you.

Types of finger tattoos:



Besides placing a tattoo on something like our hands, not all couples think that perfectly matching tattoos would suit them when we have an entire human canvas to work with. 

Couples who compliment each other or who believe in the idea that opposites attract might consider representing that ideal in their tattoo design.

Balance is what keeps our relationships sustainable and enduring, so why not come up with an idea that allows your couple tattoos to connect.

Connecting tattoos that link together, once two people are physically near, adds a romantic twist on the concept and meaning behind the tattoo you decide to go for.

A tattoo that links could represent: without each other, they don’t make sense or that they need each other to function.

Like a puzzle, the two tattoos fit together once the pair stands next to each other. It could also be represented by any symmetrical image, simply cut in half.

For these types of tattoos, most people, tend to place them in areas where the connection point is easy to showcase.

You could choose places like your arms, legs, heels, feet or even side torsos. The options are endless. The freedom to be creative or go detailed in various sizes is your prerogative.

For example, your couple tattoos could be meaningful and detailed, simple and fun, humorous, an inside joke or even a snapshot of your favourite memory together. 

Types of CONNECTING tattoos:



Partners getting matching tattoos is a sign that they care deeply enough about one another to permanently ink a symbolic piece of artwork to their body.

It makes them feel even more connected and unique when they know that their significant other, shares something similar.

It tells us that this relationship is important, so important that they would like to symbolise it in a way that involves permanence and pain. 

Alone, they make perfect sense but together, they can be seen as a perfect match. Here couples can individually choose any size and placement they prefer.

Whether it’s on your ribs or placed on the wrist — the image remains matched to the other. 

With this being said, choosing the same tattoo design might take some time to agree on.

Not all couple tattoos need to be detailed or represent an image or object. What about elements of design, like a triangle or a circle?

Of course, all tattoos are meaningful but when they are simple and elegant, they could have the same personalised and special significance compared to a detailed one. 


Why not try one of these matching popular couple tattoos? :

Types of matching tattoos:



However, not all tattoos need to have a deep serious meaning to get one. Often at times, couples get images that others might recognise straight away.

As tattoos styles have developed during the past two decades so has the use of humour to illustrate personality and enjoyment in body art.

Funny tattoos – often cringe-worthy – now cross over into all genres of the art form, and into popular culture as well.

All it takes is a fun idea, the willingness not to take things too seriously, and the enjoyment found in poking fun at things while needles poke your skin.

Tattoos vary between individuals, a fact extending to humour in tattoos. A picture or quote could have one person in stitches, while another could be left horrified or confused.

The range in reactions is partly why funny tattoos are a rapidly growing phenomenon.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to think, feel, and experience the emotions you ink.


Humorous couple tattoos could be:

Types of Playful tattoos:

A couple tattoo is always going to be personal.

It could be something symbolic or deeply meaningful to the two of you or simply minimalistic and fun. 

While the reasons couples get a tattoo varies, from the placement to the size of the tattoo, the end result is always the same – it’s permanent.



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